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TAROT READING- Without telling your question know about your life situations, your mind, outcome of your questions with amazing accuracy. Phone session also available for interstate and overseas clients. 

HOROSCOPE MAKING- Computer horoscopes are made by us with complete calculations from the countryís finest/best soft-ware. 

ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATION- You may get your computer horoscope analyses done with amazing predictions with accurate timings, Personally handwritten by RASIKA JI with simple remedies that change/steer your life in a positive direction.  

STONES- Guarantee of Purity with Certification, best pricing. To achieve required results of life by the guidance of Astrology. 


(a).PYRA CARDS- When your efforts are there but still things do not happen those are the times when we recommend Pyra Cards. This being a combination of Vastu and Numerology are recommended to people as a remedy. Written numeric guidance about the person, their mobile no. guidance, whether it is good for them or not. Rasika ji will fill the persons numbers and also the missing links numbers of life energizing by her, prayed, charge/energize for an individual. It is to be kept by an individual in their bag/purse and an individual has to pray on it for 2 to 3 minutes every day an achieve miraculous results it even nullifies a Vastu dosh of an individual if any choose your Pyra Card for one or more situations of your life:-

Luck & Fortune, Energy & Vitality, Job & Promotion, Foreign & Higher study, Money & Finance, Fame & Power, Peace & Relaxation, Marriage & Love, Success & Progress, Memory & Consultation, Positivity & Happiness, Protection & Safeguard, Strength & Confidence , Family & Children, Legal & Court cases, Business & Career.

(b).WISH-PYRAMID-This is Vastu connected Pyramid for achievement of goal manifestation.  

(c).HARMONY PYRAMID- This is Vastu connected Pyramid for miraculous Harmony-balance and love between two people who are having relationship/compatibility problems. 

(d).MARRIAGE PYRAMID- This is Vastu connected Pyramid to achieve the cosmic link between individual and their partner.  

(e).VASTU-DOSHA NIVARAN YANTRA- To be put outside and individual house/office. A combination of 5 secret Yantras to detect Vastu Dosh in house/office  for unnecessary wastage of money, Drain of money , Health problem, Quarrels in house between members, Energy drain of family members as the house/office consumes / Eats up the energy of the family members through Vastu-Dosha Nivaran Yantra the same is nullified. 

REGRESSION THERAPY- To overcome an individualís unresolved issues of life which is connected to an individualís past in this life time and before which a personís soul has been a witness to. Beginning of life of fresh after experiencing a feeling of rebirth, after the long session. 

REFLEXLOGY & ACCUPRESSURE -Cure your diseases through the experts. 

NUMEROLOGY- Name changing, Changing name of Company through Numerology to suit an individualís life for bringing prosperity by Rasika Ji .      

SHREE-YANTRA- To be kept with an individual always and pray on it as guided by Rasika Ji, through a powerful mantra. For abundance of wealth, health, joy prosperity of an individual and their family. 

SHREE-CHAKRA Ė MERU YANTRA/ MAHAMERU Ė A 3 dimensional version of the Shree-Yantra install in your work-place, temple, table along with a secret Mantra told by Rasika Ji, for your wish fulfillment.

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