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Rasika is a gifted psychic; & is known for an excellent grip over the art of Tarot Cards Reading and Healing. Since her childhood, Rasika has been able to guide & motivate her family, relatives and friends, and progressively others as well, with her God-gifted special intuitive power and the guidance of the Tarot.

Rasika’s psychic tarot readings help in all matters: Career, Business, Finance, Marriage, Friends, Love, Family, Education, Health, Travel, Life Span etc. She does an in-depth analysis of your situation and delivers an empowering and positive outcome, thus guiding you through obstacles in the past which may be holding you back at the present. She then continues through to the future outcome of your situation.

Rasika will not make decisions on your part but encourages you to make choices for yourself without her being judgmental about you. Her aim is to provide you with as much of information as you need to walk away, feeling clearer, stronger and lighter, and even more in tune with your path and purpose. Her Tarot predictions aim to provide you a clear vision and act as an inspirational source for a bright future.

Rasika’s telephonic readings are just as incredible as her face to face sittings and tend to be just as accurate. As she keeps moving around different cities & countries, she is often consulted on the telephone.

Rasika’s list of clients includes  industrialists, professionals, businessmen, home makers, students, politicians and people from the world of theatre.

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